NJ Geographic Information Network


New Statewide Geocoding Service (NJ_Geocode)

The NJ_Geocode service provides address matching and reverse geocoding capabilities. Leveraging the latest software from Esri, this service provides an improved search experience.

Supported operations include:

  • Single address geocoding
  • Address suggest capability
  • Find address candidates
  • Batch geocoding
  • Reverse geocoding

Enhanced source address points and road centerlines datasets:

  • Integration of locally managed address data where available
  • Relocation of address points from along road centerlines to building footprints where possible
  • Cleanup of inaccurate road alias names

When batch geocoding a large number of records outside of ArcMap or ArcGIS Pro, the client application must account for the maximum batch size limit by dividing the input address records into lists of 1000 or less. A downloadable version of NJ_Geocode is also available for local use (compatible with ArcGIS Pro only).

The statewide geocoding service is updated monthly. View the Enterprise Data Updates Report on the right for more information.

Using the old Statewide Geocoding Service (Addr_NJ_cascade)

The Addr_NJ_cascade service will remain available to support legacy solutions but will no longer receive data updates. This service is targeted to be retired in the near future. In order to take advantage of new capabilities and assure sustainability in the future, the new service should be used.