NJ Geographic Information Network


Address Points and Landmark (Place) Names

The intent of this dataset is to provide a single, comprehensive, statewide address points layer for serving various address reference and geocoding needs across the entire state of New Jersey.

The NJOGIS and NJGF Address Task Force, in partnership with several local GIS and public safety agencies, have built a comprehensive statewide address point data model to be used for general geocoding functions and public safety applications. Address points were initially processed from statewide parcel records and supplemented with address point contributions from local GIS authorities.

The dataset includes fully parsed single house and subaddress information as well as postal information. The points were also linked to appropriate NJ Road Centerlines segments where available, and may be queried for alternate street name information. Additional place name information may be queried in a related non-spatial table.

Work is presently in progress to bring the Address Point information into compliance with the final National Emergency Number Association (NENA) Next Generation 911 GIS Data Standard the was release in June of 2018.