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Northwest NJ 2018 Elevation Data Now Available

Quality level 2 (QL2) elevation data and derivative products for Northwest NJ are now available. This collection covers Sussex, Warren, Hunterdon, Somerset, Morris, and Passaic Counties. A small area in Bergen County and Rockland County, NY that is contiguous to the NJ Highlands is also included.

  • A 2 foot resolution Digital Elevation Model (DEM) is available for viewing, download and as an Image Service
  • A Hillshade image is also available for viewing and download
  • Point cloud data (.laz) are available for download. They are organized into files using the 2007 ortho tile grid with each tile measuring 5,000 ft by 5,000 ft. The entire collection is comprised of 2,843 tiles with individual file sizes ranging up to 200 MB. There are two options for download:
  • This option is temporarily SUSPENDED. All of the above products plus breaklines, bare earth rasters and intensity rasters can also be ordered on physical media using the NJGIN LiDAR Order Form.


Elevation Product Web Applications

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NJ Elevation Product Finder
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NJ Elevation Product Extent
Web Application
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All processing of data requests has been suspended.

To obtain elevation products, download, read, and fill out the NJGIN LiDAR Order Form. Once the form is completed, print it out and include it along with an external hard drive on which the data will be loaded. Mailing and/or drop off/pick up instructions are on the form. For security purposeos, all external hard drives received that are not completely empty with the disk newly reformatted will be returned unprocessed. Data will be provided at the full spatial extent (i.e. no clipping). Requests cannot be modified once they are received by NJOGIS.

Requesters may not wait on site. Turn around time will depend on the number of requests and other work load at NJOGIS; no specific time can be guaranteed. NJOGIS makes every effort to fulfill the requests as quickly as possible.